Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Happy" New Year!

My sweet girl uses aggreSsion and anger in place of fear.

We have talked a lot about making a choice to evaluate our feelings, use words and chOose happiness.

We worked today on the concept of resolutions. She seemed to catch on after we tried a few times.

Attempt 1:

1. Go to the ice cream shop
2. Go to Best Buy
3. Go toy shopping
4. Go to target
5. Go to Dallas for 4 days

Attempt 2:

1. Go shopping in Dallas for 4 days too.
2. Go swimming.
3. Go to Grandmom and Granddads house
4. Go to my sisters house for 4 days
5. Go to my Uncles house for 5 days.

Attempt 3:

1. I will be a happy girl.
2. I will use my words.
3. I will be calm.
4. I will be kind.
5. I will use good manners.

My resolution is to be a better mom. That encompasses about 10 different things. I predict success. :)

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