Thursday, December 29, 2011

A refreshing dedication

So I took a few months off from blogging. Somethings went well. Others didn't. We went on a vacation to our favorite national park with a number of extended family members. It was good. And interesting. And then I got SICK as a dog. With some viral upper respitory stuff that lasted for like 3 weeks! And my dear baby girl got it too. So we were both sick, and stressed.

And then we had the holidays- for which I was ill. It was traumatic for my girl. And it has been packed away. We are visiting family now- and have a little more gifting to do but not much.

We are having a sibling visit tomorrow with her older sister. I am hopeful that both girls can come away feeling good from seeing each other one day. So far that hasn't been the case.

I am returning to blogging. Probably weekly. I miss it as a release and processing space.

After school returns I will be blogging about some IEP stuff. Because on Jan. 3rd- my school is OUT OF COMPLIANCE. Her entire IEP expired at the end of school in December.

I hope all you in bloggy world are having a good holiday and are finding your own inner peace.

Happy New YEAR!